Who We Are

Source Solar Jamaica was created in early 2020 to serve the backup energy needs of small businesses, home owners outdoorsman, emergency technicians, farmers - and, of course, amateur enthusiasts. The business was founded on the premise of small to medium scale portable  energy independence in the hands of the common man, and as such the goal was set to find the best energy solutions that were designed with that ethos in mind. Also living in the Caribbean's tropical climate comes with its own risks such as natural disaster that can quickly damage roads and power lines leaving residents stranded without electricity causing major appliance and cellphones to fail for extended periods creating uncertainty and dangers. As a result we are proud to introduce to the Caribbean market the line of environmentally friendly ECOFLOW family of Products, ranging from battery powered generator station to flexible foldable solar panels.
Source Solar Jamaica is here to serve you. We understand how important quality and reliability is to your business. As your supplier, we make sure that everything we offer is of the highest quality available, affordable, and that you get what you need when you need. Our reputation depends on it, and in our industry, reputation is everything!
If you would like to find out more about how Source Solar Jamaica can serve your construction needs, get in touch today.